Why is it good to ask questions?

When we are children, we ask, ‘Why, why, why?’ This is natural and simply a part of learning. We only know what we ask and what we are forced to know. But asking means we have an interest in what we are asking about and as long as we have interests, we will continue to ask questions. Better to be informed is why it is best to ask. Asking questions say,…on a date, both stimulates your mind and the mind of the other individual.
Also,…the brain needs learning. New experiences and newly acquired information causes the brain to continue development. Being stagnant mentally isn’t good for your brain, mind and body. A healthy individual asks questions and seeks answers every day. It is one of the most fundamental functions to our being alive. Directions, latests movies, curiosities regarding improvement in one’s relationship and or career. Questions regarding a recipe or family history or even on why the damn water bill is soo high are all just signs your not dead yet! 

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