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What if we never blinked?

So. . . its 1am and I just got done watching the, “fight of the century”, yea anyway. . .

This question just sorta came to me and I already knew that we have to blink to cleanse and moisten the eye. Each time the eyelids close, salty secretions from the tear glands are swept over the surface of the eye, flushing away small dust particles and lubricating the exposed portion of the eyeball. Normally we blink every four to six seconds, but in irritating conditions such as a smoke-filled room, we blink more frequently to keep the eyes clean and moist.

What I didn’t know and what I found most interesting, was that we do it more frequently than is necessary to cleanse and moisten the cornea. Infants, for example, blink once every minute or so, but adults blink an average of 10 to 15 times a minute. This has lead scientists to discover other, more psychologically influenced reasons for blinking as frequently as we do.

Past research has shown that when information acquisition is important, we actively inhibit blinking. We blink more often when we are not taking in and processing information. In this way, blinks are like punctuation marks of the mind, signaling a pause in the activity in your head.

But the question is what would happen if we never blinked? So considering the above info, I believe your eyes would probably dry out completely and you would be blind because, as we know, your eyelids keep all the harmful junk out of your eyes; therefore they would probably turn extremely red. And. . . might even go blind.

Your Thoughts?


One thought on “What if we never blinked?

  1. but what if my eyes are not exposed to get dirty and dry… like on an empty space, where there is no an air current.

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