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How long are we supposed to live?

Happy New Year everyone!!! Thanks for making 2014 our biggest year yet, with 21,000 views. Bringing our total of views to nearly 30,000 and counting. A lot of big things coming this year that will make this blog even better by the way.

Anyway, on to my first thought of 2015.

So technically speaking and according to Cambridge University’s geneticist Aubrey de Grey, the human body is designed to live up to 1000 years.

All the vital organs and tissue regenerate over time. Pancreas regeneration takes 24 hours, the stomach a week, blood is replaced regularly, and the brain creates new connection. A growing number of scientists, doctors, geneticists and nano-tech are insisting that there is no hard reason why aging can’t be dramatically slowed or prevented altogether. Not only is it theoretically possible, they argue, but a scientifically achievable goal that can and should be reached in time to benefit those alive today.

It is believed that every cell in your body is replaced in roughly 7 years, and on average human the body is 15 years old. With time and pollution, even gravity itself falters the cycle, new cells are not as stable and organs become more open to diseases. Waste accumulates until eventually proves fatal.

Your Thoughts?

Good news by the way, my New Year’s Resolution is to post a thought every week for you guys. This will be tricky but I’m to try my best to stick to it. Thanks for the follows, views, likes and comments.




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