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Can we eat our fingernails?

Hey guys!, I’m studying for a test right now and I’m a nail-biter which is how this question came to me.

As we know, fingernails are mostly made up of the protein called, keratin or the same stuff that hair, wool and rhinoceros horns are made of. I imagine that after some vigorous digestion, your body could break nails down into amino acids, but the amount of protein you could actually metabolize and use from eating your nails is very small.

Also, people who bite their nails usually do not wash their hands before biting. Thus, there is a high probability of getting bacteria and other harmful microbes inside your mouth. Acute or chronic infection to the mouth, lips or gums is very likely to happen.

Nails are hard and quite difficult to chew. From what I learned from my own experience, if you get into the habit of biting your nails, it is not impossible for you to damage your teeth, particularly your incisors. This habit may even affect your bite and the appearance of your teeth. Aside from having not-so-pretty hands, you could also have cracked and broken front teeth. Not that any of this has happened to my teeth but anyway.

So basically, it seems to be possible but not healthy.

Your Thoughts?

Bonus Question: “When are you coming to itunes and SoundCloud?”

I’ve gotten this question asked a lot in the last two month. So I thought I’d answer it.

So the goal is to do a podcast of my blog and discuss my post, as well as newer questions.

The problem?

Well I’ve been really busy with work and school but even more than that…I’m trying get through to SoundCloud right now. Its taking awhile for SoundCloud to approve my show as an actual podcast, so until that happens I’m a little stuck. But fear not, I’ve been receiving some pretty positive e-mails hopefully. Keep those questions coming and so will I!


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