Who owns planet earth?

This question comes from follower, and I never thought about this question until I was asked.

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface. So in a way, you could say she owns most of the earth but that still doesn’t answer the question of who owns the earth as a whole?

But many native cultures believe, no one should be able to own or enslave the earth. Then again, if “UFO religions” is correct and the first ‘discoverers’ of Earth were from outer space, they would, and legally could, claim ownership of Earth. Or if you believe in Christianity, then since God created the earth, he owns it….right?

From what I’m finding is that we really don’t know who can lay claim to ownership of the earth as there is no recorded deed of its originality.  Plus, all land and possessions that each of us have accumulated to re-enforce our unique identity may be compared to a cup of sand mounded-up against the entire ocean.

But there’s a blogger named, J. Morris Hicks that answers this question more in depth here.

Your thoughts?

*If you guys have questions that you want me to answer, put them in the comments! I still have more to answer so keep them coming. Plus serpentspeaks will be expanding in a BIG way very soon so stay tuned for more information.


One thought on “Who owns planet earth?

  1. is there a cycle on internet´s existence? Is there gonna be a day where all the information that we are able to look in the internet right now its going to dissapear?

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