Top 10 most bizarre science questions that adults want answered

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How can you survive a lightning strike? Can you be killed by a coin falling from a tall building?

These are the sort of science-based questions many of us have debated at home or in the pub, but now you can be ready with a factually correct response.

2,000 British adults were asked what questions they would most like answered, with 27 per cent pondering whether they could be killed by a coin falling from the Empire State Building.

19 per cent wondered whether human waste could be used to heat the country, while 18 per cent wanted to know why beans and sprouts cause gas.

TV channel Eden commissioned the survey to mark their Pop Science season, with The Secrets Of Everything presenter Greg Foot answering the top ten most popular questions.

10. If you sneeze with your eyes open will they pop out? – 14%

This is not…

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