What causes clouds to move?


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Now before I begin with my latest question, I honestly didn’t know what the answer was to this question. Most of you may already know the answer but then again, this blog has always been about me thinking up and posting questions. In fact, every question I’ve ever thought of and posted for this blog, are questions I never knew until I researched the answer. But anyway, let’s get to it.

Now, we all know clouds are right?

A cloud is like the steam in your bathroom, or the fog you might sometimes walk through it is a parcel of air with a whole lot of very tiny droplets of water in it, just suspended in the air. But I always wanted to know what causes clouds to move in the sky.

I discovered that clouds move because the wind is carrying the parcel of cloudy air along. Wind occurs at all levels of the atmosphere from the ground up to higher than a jumbo jet can fly. Sometimes there can be no wind on the ground, but cirrus clouds (generally characterized by thin, wispy strands)  very high up can be seen moving because of the wind where they are. Some clouds, like the lenticular clouds that form over hills, are stationary even when the wind is strong.

In fact, we get fooled into thinking nothing is moving. The droplets in the cloud are moving fast with the wind, but new cloud drops are always forming in the same place where the air is pushed up near the hill, so the front of the cloud appears stationary. At the back of the cloud where the air comes down again away from the hill, the drops are evaporating back to vapor, so the back of the cloud seems to be stationary too.

The movement of the clouds depends on the wind in the atmosphere. The direction a cloud moves is dependent on high and low pressure. The faster the winds the faster the clouds will move.

Your Thoughts? 


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