Is everlasting gum possible?

An obvious question right?

But from what I found, in order for gum to have flavor, complex flavor molecules must leave the chewing gum and get into your saliva, and match up with the appropriate taste buds (and come into your nasal passages). This means that the flavors must dissolve from the gum-arabic (or latex, or etc.) substance that is chewy, thereby leaving the gum. So unfortunately, it’s therefore impossible to have a flavor that simultaneously releases itself from the gum, and lasts forever. Pretty-darned-long-lasting is possible, but not everlasting.

A simple answer, I know but I was talking to my friend and he gave a different, more economic reason for this.

Now, I’m only ¬†paraphrasing but he explained that the reason is the same as why there’s no cure for cancer, or no cure for the common cold, – money. He thinks it would be totally unethical to do such a thing. The actual product (gum) is established for the purpose of money, and the consequences of creating one that lasted forever would be one nothing less than catastrophic for a Capitalist society…but again, just paraphrasing.

Your Thoughts?


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