Why is water wet?

What’s up everyone!!! Its the end of the month so I had to post a few new blogs. I’ve been busy working, making movies, and as always thinking of questions to post for you guys. I’ll admit, for a few weeks I was a little stumped and couldn’t think of anything but without even thinking about it, I came up with pretty interesting thoughts.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this question sooner but here’s what I found…

I found that wetness is our description of what we feel when we put our hand in water. Saying water is wet is like saying that wood is hard or fire is hot. Sensory receptors on our hand send information about the water to our brain. Our brain receives the information from our sensory receptors and processes it. A combination of temperature, pressure and the way water moves tells our brain that water is wet.

I then tried to find a more scientific answer and this wasn’t easy. I found a book on atoms and molecules and learned that water consists of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen (as we already know). When the these atoms get connected to each other, they end up with a part of them slightly charged. The oxygen atom has a negative part, whereas the hydrogen atoms have a positive part each.

Positive attracts negative, so a hydrogen atom of one of the molecules “sticks” to an oxygen atom of another molecule, so all the water molecules end up together. This stands for many types of molecules and atoms. Our skin consists of molecules that can develop such bonds with water molecules, so, when you touch water, some molecules stay on your skin held by your skin’s molecules. The water molecules on your hand hold (for the same reason) even more water molecules, and that goes on (until gravity stops it.) That’s why you end up with wet hands.

Your Thoughts?



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