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Why do we ‘grow’?

Sexy right? I’m referring to the picture by the way.

This question is aimed not so much in age but in actual growth. You know, why do we get “bigger”?

Now before I share what I found, I will say that yes; I know all living things grow as they age. But I wanted a little concrete answer on why we grow larger in size. So with that said, most of this information you guys may already know but most of it I honestly didn’t know. But anyway…

Here’s what I already knew…

Humans are built to grow, with bones that get bigger if we eat the right things and make sure to get enough sleep. As we get older, we also grow smarter and more knowledgeable about the world. Growing allows us to take the time we need to experience the world and learn about the things we need to do to survive! Most things couldn’t stay small forever because it would be hard to get by being so tiny and not knowing about the world. The different types of growth that you go through are meant to prepare you for being an adult.

Now, let’s get a little more scientific.

For example, pygmies are a group of people 155cm or less (5ft 1in). These people are primarily found in Africa but also in Brazil, Bolivia, South-East Asia and Papua New Guinea. It was thought that their size evolved due to their life in dense forest areas but many have been found to live outside the forest. Recently theories have been put forward suggesting that the pygmies have opted for a live fast die short strategy. Their short lives gives them very limited time as potential parents, and they have adapted by becoming sexually mature at a young age. That puts a brake on their growth spurts, leaving them with shorter adult heights.

Hormones control growth itself.

Particularly Pituitrin secreted from the Pituitary gland. This gland is about pea size found as a protrusion off the bottom of the hypothalamus at the base of the brain. It is often called the master gland as it does a little more than just help us to grow. If we stop eating though, sooner or later we stop growing, clear your plate and get plenty of exercise, everything in moderation including moderation. This growth hormone has multiple functions within the body, including increasing height and size, muscle mass, and regulating levels of other bio-active substances in the body.

Your Thoughts?



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