Do fish get thirsty?


Hey everyone!!! Summer is finally here. Which means, I’m out of school but still working and making movies and…..of course, thinking of random questions and researching the answers for you guys!  By the way, we’re almost up to 4000 views! Thanks for your comments, likes and follows. But anyway time for the first question of the month.

So this answer really depends on where the fish live.

Fish that live in saltwater lose moisture from their bodies through a process called osmosis. This is because seawater has a higher salt concentration than the body fluids of fish. Therefore, seawater fish must drink continually or they will become dehydrated. Luckily for such fish they’re perfectly adapted to their surroundings and whereas drinking saltwater would be a bad idea for us, fish are able to excrete the excess salt they drink. In contrast, freshwater has a lower salt concentration than the body fluids of fish. Therefore freshwater fish never need to drink. Freshwater flows into their bodies and so if freshwater fish drank even a little bit, they would swell up and potentially even explode.

Your Thoughts?


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