Noah’s Ark?

Before we start, let me explain this picture for those of you who haven’t seen it before. A couple of years ago, websites were buzzing over claims that remains from Noah’s Ark may have been found on Turkey’s Mount Ararat. The founders, led by an evangelical group, said they were, “99.9 percent”, that a wooden structure found on the mountainside was part of a ship that housed the biblical Noah, his family and a slew of creatures during a giant flood 4,800 years ago. Whether they’re claims were correct or not leads me into my blog…..

(Besides Jesus walking on water, him dying from three nails on a cross, and Moses parting the Red Sea) I can’t think of no better example that demonstrates why the Bible is not the “holy word” of any deity than the tale of Noah and his ark. You guys have probably heard blogs like this before, with this same topic no less. But I’ll try to present the various problems in an organized yet fun way; so let’s begin by looking at this highly questionable account from a common sense point of view.

So allow me to step back within the story, we have a god who has to modify virtually all of his creations for the solely expressed reason of the people having become wicked and evil (Genesis 6:5), yet wicked and evil people continue to exist throughout the Bible. Right off the bat, the foundation for the story fails to make sense. Why would an omniscient god have to destroy all of his work for a specific quality that he knew would continue to exist even unto this very day? The flood was for the “good”, yet God carried out his horrific genocide anyway. I find this to be the most disturbing and perhaps the most ridiculous premise ever conjured by the human mind.

Why did Noah only take along land creatures and birds, not plants nor fish that make up a large part of the world’s total species? “We’re talking about something plausible here,” said David Menton, an associate professor emeritus of anatomy at Washington University who works for Answers in Genesis, founder of a controversial Creation Museum in Kentucky. The museum, which opened four years ago, depicts the Bible’s first book, Genesis, as literal truth. Its exhibits have been welcomed by those who actual believe that God created the heavens and the Earth in just six days, about 6,000 years ago.

Here’s another thought; elephants eat around 660 lbs of greenery per day, times 150 days on the ark you get, 99,000 lbs of greenery for one elephant. That’s excluding Hippo’s, Giraffes, Bears, Rhino’s, etc. With all the weight of animals (16,000 species) and food storage you get a number around…20 million pounds. If you argue that there were baby animals then babies, they would need milk supply from their mothers. The stored milk would go bad in hours. Noah’s dimensions of the ark would simply not hold up to that.

Second, the waters reached to the highest mountains (let’s say around 30,000 ft). The deepest part of the ocean is around 35,000 feet. With 40 days of rain (fresh water) that would equal out to about 80% of fresh water mixed with sea water. All fresh water fish, and all marine life would die in hours.

Third, the carnivorous animals would need to eat even after the ark had landed on Mt. Ararat. So, what did they eat until the other animals would populate? Again, if there were baby animals they would have to wait even longer. No dead carcasses. 150 days in water, they would decompose and the meat would be no good. Last but not least, a polar bear can swim up to 50 miles. How do you expect it to swim across the Atlantic? That not including the other animals in South America, Australia, North America, Antarctica, and Green Land. Your Thoughts?

I’m thinking aloud here but this topic is open for discussion so comment below if you guys have any opinions or thoughts.

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