How does a cockroach live without a head?

I’m back everyone!!!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I know I did. It was full of swings, games and toys. But enough about my sexual night.

This is a fact I always knew about but never knew how it was possible.

Comes to find out, cockroaches actually breathe through spiracles which are in each body segment and their blood does not carry oxygen to the tissues. The spiracles deliver air to each cell of the body through a set of tubes called tracheae. So the brain does not actually control the breathing through the spiracles. The cockroach does not have blood pressure the way a mammal does and so cutting off the head does not lead to uncontrolled bleeding. Roaches are cold blooded animals, and therefore, need much less food. A one day meal would be enough to last them a whole month as long as they were not extremely active.

Without a head the cockroach would just sit around without doing anything much. All this along with a cool temperature could allow the cockroach to last about a month (more than just 9 days) without need for their head, as long as they did not get infected with a mold, bacterium or virus, which could kill them prematurely. Obviously we’re different than roaches.

Us, warm blooded humans, breathe through our mouth or nose and the breathing rhythm is controlled in our brain. Cutting off our head would interfere with breathing although that could be maintained with a respirator. But cutting off our head could lead to blood loss and a drop in blood pressure which would result in death due to lack of blood transport of oxygen and nutrition to our tissues. Cutting off our head would prevent us from eating and we would die of starvation pretty quickly as well. Your Thoughts?

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And now for something awesome….

Praying mantis vs. cockroach……need I say more….



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