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Are you born gay?

Me and girlfriend were debating this a few days ago, so I decided to research and share this with you guys.

So technically, there’s no simple answer to this question. There are some theories that stress biological differences between heterosexual and homosexual adults, suggesting that people are born with their sexuality already determined. Researcher Dean Hamer had published research that seemed to prove that homosexual orientation could be genetically transmitted to men on the x chromosome, which they get from their mothers. However when this study was duplicated it did not produce the same results. A follow-up study which Hamer collaborated on also failed to reinforce his earlier results.

Another research published by George Rice and George Ebers of the University of Western Ontario showed doubt on Hamer’s theory. Rice and Ebers’ research also tested the same region of the x chromosome in a larger sample of gay men, but failed to find the same ‘marker’ that Hamer’s research had found. Claims that the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus is influential in determining sexual orientation, have yet to be substantiated.

But in simple terms, (according scientist) it is a matter of chance whether or not you are born gay. All fetus’ start with the male and female hormones inbuilt. During the growth of the fetus the hormones are increased to build on the gender it has become. Sometimes this process is flawed and the opposite hormone takes precedence for the gender being created. Thus the baby is born being gay. In a similar way to this but in different amounts of the hormones bisexuals are born. This is the most likely explanation to this mystery and is still being scientifically investigated.

Abnormalities in sexual development happen in the womb happen every day. There are numerous studies that address human ambiguity at birth, masculinized female infants, abnormal sexual development, sexual dimorphism, hermaphroditism, and infants that cannot be identified at birth as male or female. Homosexuality may be the least pronounced of those irregularities and no one should be demonized for the way they were born.

Now of course I’ve just scratched the surface of this topic so I ask for Your Thoughts?


One thought on “Are you born gay?

  1. I believe that being gay is a nurture kind of thing, I don’t believe that people are “born” gay. We are all born the same with different mind sets and beliefs. But, I just believe that we as society take upon what we learn through our family and other’s in society. So saying that someone is born gay is not a realistic answer and does not do it’s justice for those who are confused about their sexuality.

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