Why didn’t Jesus marry?

I just had to use this picture when I found it….

As most of you know, I’m not a religious person but I do have religious friends so I asked one of them this morning, “Why didn’t Jesus marry?” He replied, “Maybe Jesus married but the Bible did not mention that”. His answer sounded very funny because I don’t think the Bible would go to the extent of removing Jesus’ wife from the scripture knowing very well that no man separates what God has joined together.

From all indications, and from what I know already, Jesus did not marry at all and I don’t think Jesus even had a girlfriend. The Bible says Jesus died at the age of 33 (or at least somewhere around that age) but does that mean Jesus was a virgin at 33? Why didn’t Jesus marry? I remember sometime ago I asked another friend, “Why didn’t Jesus marry?” She replied, “Jesus wouldn’t be able to fulfill his mission with a sexy woman by his side”, so I asked if  women are evil and she replied “Women are not evil and marriage is a very good thing but it is very important for a man on a mission to remain single in order not to get distracted”.

Does that make sense to any of you?

It doesn’t make much sense to me because it is Jesus we are talking about here, right? Samson got deceived by Delilah because Samson was just a mortal man with his hormones jumping up and down but Jesus is suppose to be God and he is perfect in the sense that nobody and nothing can deceive him. In other words, no woman could deceive Jesus because Jesus was God. If so, then I ask again, why didn’t Jesus marry?

The Bible says Jesus was a righteous man who committed no sin at all. Sex before marriage is suppose to be a great sin before God, so it makes perfect sense to say Jesus was a virgin at 33. Marriage is a very good thing and I remember somewhere in the Bible God said something like, “Multiply and fill the earth”. According to hard Christians I know, you cannot multiply without first marrying because sex before marriage is a great sin. They say marriage is a very important thing because we cannot multiply and fill the earth without marriage. If so then why didn’t Jesus set an example. Why didn’t Jesus show us how to multiply and fill the earth? Jesus came to fulfill the promises. Jesus came to teach and explain things to us and considering the importance of marriage, I expected Jesus to at least set an example yet the Bible says Jesus did not marry. So Jesus had no kids and died a virgin at 33?

Your Thoughts?


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