Why cats’ tongues are rough?

Like the picture? Creep as hell right?

Have you guys ever noticed that your cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper? Of course you have! But I’ve always to know why do cats have such a rough tongue with,what feels like, a million miniature teeth?

The answer is somewhat simple. Unlike a dog’s tongue, a cat’s tongue has special features called “papillae”. The papillae are small hair-like growths that point towards the back of the mouth. These slightly hooked growths are very strong because they are made of keratin, the same component you can find in human fingernails.

These “hairy growths” are used to help rasp and scrape flesh from the bones of their prey.  Since the hooks are backward-facing, the papillae also help hold the prey in the cat’s mouth. The spines on a cat’s tongue make the tongue like a built-in comb which can be used to groom the cat’s fur.  These spines help the cat remove dirt and loose fur. However, your cat still depends on you for regular grooming so he doesn’t ingest too much fur.

But anyway, a cat’s tongue also has fungi-form (mushroom-shaped) papillae on the sides and tip of the tongue, and vallate papillae on the back of the tongue, which hold the taste buds. A cat can sense both taste and texture with its tongue.  A cat has relatively few taste buds, so relies on the smell, temperature and texture of the food as well as taste.

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