The Blobfish?

Perhaps it’s unfair to judge a fish out of water, but what the hell….. the blobfish looks more like a ball of slime than a living creature.

See, the Blobfish or Psychrolutes marcidus (for you science people)  may be, without a doubt, one of the ugliest fish in the ocean. These saltwater fish have what resembles a large nose in between two eyes and almost seem to be frowning! I guess with an ugly mug like that you would be frowning too. This deep sea fish is often found at extreme depths off of the coasts of Tasmania and Australia. For this reason the Blobfish is rarely seen by the human eye.

The Blobfish has the ability to withstand the high pressure of these depths because its body is actually mostly a gelatinous mass that has a density just less than water. This gives the Blobfish the ability to float right above the bottom floor without using much energy. As you can imagine, with the name like the Blobfish they aren’t extremely active. Blobfish don’t need muscles; they have a feeding strategy that consists of sitting and waiting for something edible to go by. As well as that, their jelly-like flesh is slightly lighter than water, so they don’t need to expend energy or scarce oxygen to stop themselves from sinking towards the sea floor.

Most of the food that they eat simply floats right by them. This deep sea fish simply picks and chooses what to eat. Blobfish are often caught by fisherman that bottom trawling with nets.  Your Thoughts?

Any other ugly fish out there? Let me know guys!



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