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Why sex is overrated to me?

Like the picture? I couldn’t show humans having sex, so I got the next best thing. Anyway…

You guys remember that movie Forty Days and Forty Nights?

The premise was that there was something extraordinary about voluntarily going six weeks without having sex. I thought that was completely crazy back then. I mean, it’s certainly the norm on some TV shows, like Friends and Sex and the City and Buffy and Scrubs and – and, well, virtually all of them except for Smallville. Feeling incredibly deprived if you’re not having frequent sex is normal.

Now, although I’m not religious, (check out my most recent blog, “Why I don’t believe in God”) I do think sex is overrated. Look I’ll admit,  I’m pretty weird about sex. I mean, I like it. A good orgasm with the opposite sex or same sex if that’s your preference is astounding….awesome in fact; the only experience I’ve had that rivals orgasm with a woman for pure intensity is……well doing it for emotion, which actually feels better. Which leads to why I believe sex is over rated.

Not that I’ve got anything against people who want to have sex a lot and have sex just for sex. Hell, go for it. Do it until everything falls off.

I have had a few of sexual partners, although not in a long-term relationship. Now on the one hand, I think sex seems to give more pleasure to the female but by only a slight margin. And if I’m going to have sex with anyone, I want an equal experience. Which is hard to find and that goes back to the emotion part of it.

I’ve found that generally, before a woman can get aroused, she has to experience desire. In this way, female sexuality is different than male sexuality. For most of us men, it just takes a little visual and/or physical stimulation to get us in the mood for sex. That’s why men (like my friends)  are the predominant consumers of porn and why something like Viagra works so well for men, but not for women. According to University of British Columbia psychiatrist Rosemary Basson, MD, many women are unaware of their physical arousal. Men are more easily aroused, and arousal is more directly linked to desire.

Female sexuality is a little more complex. In fact, one of the main differences between male and female sexuality is that guys (well most guys) don’t need to feel emotionally connected to the person we’re having sex with, in order to want to have sex. Scientific research supports the claim that women tend to feel sexual desire towards those men for whom they feel an emotional connection, which I happen to agree and feel the same. I think it could be a function of evolution. Men have a virtually unlimited supply of sperm to go around, but women have precious few eggs to be fertilized. So they’re going to be choosier about whom they have sex with, and part of that “choosiness” is the need to feel emotionally connected. And again,  I feel the same. I’m not going to continue my legacy with just anyone.

I’ve learned that sex is not just a physical act to relive sexual tension. Having sex can cause very strong emotions. When I was a little younger I realized this after having sex. Sex is the most intimate thing that two people can do. When having sex, they say that two bodies become one. Sex can cause strong feelings for both people; and females will most likely feel this strongest. Sex is defiantly a wonderful thing; but there is no rush and honestly it’s simply not a vital issue in my life.

Your Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Why sex is overrated to me?

  1. You are such a smart man. I for one or for many am glad to hear this about you. There is hope for all of man kind. May the great energies of the universe smile blessings of the right woman for you.

  2. Sex is for pussies.

    All guys want is a gropefest with a naked chick.

    Unless of course they actually had other motives than sating their sex drive for a bit.

    Ya I may sound ignorant, but who cares?

    Can’t handle the truth? It doesn’t take a sleuth. Hit it out the park like Babe Ruth.

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