What is the longest movie ever?

A very simple question with an easy answer. Ok, I’ll admit the answer isn’t that easy but it is somewhat simple.

The longest experimental film screened so far is the Danish experimental film Modern Times Forever (Stora Enso Building, Helsinki) made by Superflex. It has a runtime of 240 hours and a one-off screening began on March 23, 2011 at the IHME Contemporary Art Festival in Helsinki.

The longest TV movie would have to be Berlin Alexanderplatz, (the poster you can see above this blog) originally broadcast in 1980, its a 14-part television film adapted and directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinderfrom the Alfred Döblin novel of the same name. The complete film is 15½ hours long.

Now here’s the question I’ve always wanted to know and the main topic of this blog:

What is the longest movie ever. Here’s where things get a little tricky because this “title” could be given to a few different movies. Like supposedly, the film, The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in The World, has a running time of exactly48 hours, this is regarded by many as the longest movie ever made. The film is potentially endless as it’s entirely constructed by progressive additions of found footage.

The Cure for Insomnia has only been shown once in its entirety. It premiered at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, from January 31 to February 3, 1987. It has never been released to the public and although the Guinness Book of World Records lists The Cure for Insomnia as the longest film ever made, another film has recently been made that beats it. In March 2011, a group of Dutch artists called Superflex released Modern Times Forever. The film is a fictional depiction of what would happen to Helsinki’s Stora Enso building over the next few thousand years, if left untended. The movie runs 240 hour, meaning, you’ll be watching this movie for 10 days!!!

So all in all, it’s hard to say, I mean, there are certainly contenders but if you guys know any more, please comment.

Your Thoughts?


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