If you try to fail and succeed, what have you done?

This question is a bit vague. Have you succeeded in failing or have you succeeded in failing the task in which you wanted to fail? How does one go about attempting to fail? Do they just not attempt the task at all or do they sabotage themselves?

My guess would be this, it would be safe to assume that someone who attempts to be unsuccessful at something, but is successful in that task in spite of their efforts, have failed at their original task, which was to fail. For example, when I was in grade school, I ran for Class President, but I was “trying to fail” so I doesn’t campaign and I showed up to the debates 30 minuets late. However, the day the results were announced, I won the election. So, although I was successful in winning the election, I actually failed because I wanted to fail. (If all that made sense to you guys???)

Here’s what I’m trying to say, we often try to fail in life. It is usually a borderline subconcious decision taken when we are too scared to try properly. If something is too daunting, for example an exam or a job or a relationship, then we just make a deliberate hash of it. Then we can tell ourselves that we didn’t try properly so it doesn’t count as a proper fail.

Teenagers are especially good at totally failing something because it is too stressful and difficult for them to risk trying properly and still failing. They justify their failure by convincing themselves they don’t care or that it’s stupid.

If you try to fail and succeed in failing, in reality, you have failed to try. Your thoughts?




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