Another Day, Another Dollar?

People go to work everyday right? We know this, I mean people go to work to (for all intensive purposes) make money. Humans are like that, we’re greedy. We want that sense of what we’re doing is actually worth something, or worth getting handed something. Like a check.  So what’s my point? I work at an independent film studio but I don’t do it for the money. Actually scratch that, I don’t it just for the money. I do it cause I like it. I do what I like and like what I do. I feel happy I have a job. As of about a week in a half ago, 92,000 jobs have been created in this country over that last several months. Definitely not the best number in the world but it could be far worse.

In saying that, we all want the American dream, which in my eyes, doesn’t have to do with money at all and nor does it need to. I mean sure, you need money to make money but after all, its not about how much you have but what you can do with it. People, all across the country are losing their jobs as we speak so yes,money is needed in these instances but still. I really do feel that money can’t be the ONLY focus here. Another day is technically another dollar but it’s really just another step in the right direction of improving your life. Your thoughts?


Serpent Speaks


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