Did whales have legs?

I’ve always figured whales had legs, dividing them between land and sea. And last year, findings from a new in-depth study — published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology —  helped me fill in that evolutionary gap between the enormous sea mammals of today and their (possibly) amphibious ancestors. See, the study was an ultra-rare, 40-million-year-old specimen that “nearly … Continue reading


Is Michael Jackson’s BAD a better album than Thriller?

In my opinion, Michael Jackson’s album Thriller was a tough act for even the King of Pop to follow. The album’s 38 million plus copies sold, along with seven top-10 hits, and seven Grammy awards created a lot of pressure on the pop star when he was working on his 1987 album Bad. However, 25-years after-the-fact, with the reissuing of Bad just … Continue reading