Does the universe end?

Hey guys and just to clarify, this question is directed more so in the sense of, “Is there an actual end to the universe?” So, certain models (supported by experimental evidence) assume the Universe is infinitely big and has been for the 13.7 billion years since it sprang into existence. But language throws much confusion into the … Continue reading


Noah’s Ark?

Before we start, let me explain this picture for those of you who haven’t seen it before. A couple of years ago, websites were buzzing over claims that remains from Noah’s Ark may have been found on Turkey’s Mount Ararat. The founders, led by an evangelical group, said they were, “99.9 percent”, that a wooden structure found … Continue reading

Health / Life

Are you born gay?

Me and girlfriend were debating this a few days ago, so I decided to research and share this with you guys. So technically, there’s no simple answer to this question. There are some theories that stress biological differences between heterosexual and homosexual adults, suggesting that people are born with their sexuality already determined. Researcher Dean … Continue reading


Why didn’t Jesus marry?

I just had to use this picture when I found it…. As most of you know, I’m not a religious person but I do have religious friends so I asked one of them this morning, “Why didn’t Jesus marry?” He replied, “Maybe Jesus married but the Bible did not mention that”. His answer sounded very funny because I don’t think the … Continue reading