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Q/A…Ask SerpentSpeaks anything!!!

Hey everyone, to thank all of you for your likes, comments and follows…. I’m opening up the comments to you guys!!! I’m giving you guys the chance to ask the questions, so ask me anything!!! Down there in the comments section, I want you guys to ask me anything from questions about me or just … Continue reading


Who was in the kitchen with Dinah?

For those of you that don’t know what I’m referring to, please read the following… “……Someone’s makin’ love to Dinah Someone’s making love I know. Someone’s making love to Dinah ‘Cause I can’t hear the old banjo…..” What the hell? Sorry, wrong part.  Here’s the actual part I’m talking about… “…….Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Someone’s … Continue reading

Entertainment / What Happened Today; Back then?

December 22nd (What Happened Today; Back then?)

  (1993) I was only 3 years old playing with dirt and probably eating insects. What was Michael Jackson doing? He was responding, publicly, to child-sex abuse allegations for the first time. Michael held a four-minute live satellite broadcast from Neverland Valley in which he denied everything: “I am doing well and I am strong. As … Continue reading